Forms of Payment: 

  1. We can accept cash, check, FSA/HSA cards or credit/debit cards (Visa; Master Card; American Express or Discover.)

  2. The only insurance we are In Network with is Traditional Medicare, no Medicare replacements ex. Aetna; BCBS; Humana; United Healthcare, etc..

     (Applicable to: Concierge medicine; physical therapy and limited acupuncture diagnosis.)

      3. If you have Out of Network benefits under your current insurance, you would pay out of pocket and we could provide you with a detailed receipt which you can submit directly to  your insurance company for reimbursement.   You may wish to contact your insurance company prior to making an appointment to determine if they will reimburse. 

Adult Concierge Medicine

Age 35 and under: $800/year or $69/month

Age 36-50: $1200/year or $100/month

Age 51-64: $2000/yr or $169/month

Age 65+: $3000/yr or $250/month

Medicare: $2500/yr or $210/month 

2 members same family 61+: $2500 each

Uncomplicated medical history- physician discretion

*Speak with Dr. Kramp personally to learn more.* 

Non-Concierge Patient Care

Cash: $100 + $25/ 15 minutes

Medicare Accepted

Other Insurance is pending

Physical Therapy

$100/hour $60/ half hour

$95 Per 1 Hr Session

$50 Per 1/2 Hour Session

Pre Birth Acupuncture Series – 4 sessions $200

Medicare will only pay for 1 diagnosis: Chronic Low Back Pain with No Back Surgeries. You will need a rx from your physician. For further details, please contact us! 

Our personalized medicine pricing is subject to change depending upon our patients’ unique needs and care.  Talk with our doctors about your personalized medicine pricing prior to your visit.  Call, email, or get in touch with us on social media. 

Effective on March 1, 2021.

If an appointment is a “No Show” or “Late Cancellation”, we will excuse the first one.


We will now require at least 2-hour verbal cancellation notice*. If you No Show or Cancel with less than 2 hour notification, we will ask you to pay for the missed appointment before we will set another one.


If an appointment is a “No Show” or “Late Cancellation” a second time or more, we will request payment for the missed appointment and cancel all upcoming appointments. Any further appointments will be made one at a time after payment for the missed appointment has been received.


*Definition of Verbal Cancellation – You speak directly with a clinic staff member.

We do not necessarily get emails and texts in a timely enough manner to fill spots. Please give 4 hours notice for emails and texts.